Owl Puke Pellet (Single)

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ADD a PELLET to the COMPLETE Owl Pellets Dissection Kit (#3156996)

Dissect this sanitary owl pellet which contains the skeletal remains of an owl meal. Learn about the owl's habitat, place in the food chain, and predatory skills. Use some archaeological skills to piece together the skeletons using the bone chart.

This single (1) dried and heat sanitized owl pellet is wrapped in foil.

Click HERE to view the Complete Owl Pellet Dissection Kit (item# 3156996) 

How are Owl Pellets Formed?

Owls are carnivores and have two stomachs. Once they have digested the nutritional portion of their meal, the indigestible remains (bones, fur and feathers) enter their second stomach where these pieces are all concentrated down into a single oval casting. The owl then discards that waste by regurgitating it.

So, to be blunt, this is NOT owl ‘poop’. It’s actually dried owl vomit - yes, puke - formed into a ball (ewwww!) 

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