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Robots are the future, and they’re not going away. With their impressive functionality, multiple purposes and ability to be programmed, they excite kids and adults alike. Bring home a unique way to enhance STEAM learning, no classroom required.

At Scientifics Direct we offer a variety of preassembled robotic products and build-it-yourself kits that will teach you basic robotics, programming and scientific principles while you or your loved ones are having fun. You’ll be able to find something for every age level from preschool through high school.

Artificial intelligence, sensors, microphones, and speakers are common features. Some may require Bluetooth-enabled smart devices (such as smartphones or tablets) to control and program the unit. Many advanced models employ basic programming languages such Block Code and Java script or incorporate Micro:bit technology.

Each kit will vary in regards to piece count and skill level, ranging from beginner models to advanced hobbyists. Units may be powered by alkaline or rechargeable batteries (which may or may not be included), USB cables, solar panels or hydraulics. Some kits will require soldering and the equipment for that may or may not be included.