Fainting Goats Game

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  • Scare the goats and make them faint!
  • Make funny sounds like a dog, cow and zombie
  • Take turns matching the set volume to win

The Hilarious Fainting Goat Game for All Ages

Scare the goats on the top of the hill to make them faint and win the game! Press the goat button to randomly set a target sound level, pick a card that will instruct you on what noise to make and try to match the decibel meter. Each player will take turns yelling noises like bird chirps, zombie growls, dog barks and more until a player successfully matches the set volume.

Watch as the goats hilariously faint and fall off their hill giving that player one G.O.A.T point, the first player to reach 10 points first wins. This game is perfect for young children and adults in groups as small as two players to however many friends and family you can gather to watch the goats faint! Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). For ages 4+.

*Note: In our Holiday 2023 catalogs, this product is rated for ages 8+. It is actually suitable for ages 4+.

From our Scientifics manager:

“If you’re not familiar with real-life fainting goats, go to YouTube right now and do a quick search. You’ll discover fainting goat videos with millions of views (including one from National Geographic)! These adorably timid creatures naturally ‘play dead’ whenever they get spooked then they pop right back up like nothing has happened. It’s in their genetic makeup. Our hilarious game is based on this premise. I haven’t played another game like it. It all works in conjunction with a built-in decibel meter. It’s NOT all about yelling. Sometimes a whisper is required, other times a moderate ‘inside voice’. You’ve got to say your card-selected words in just right in way in order to get these goats to react. It really is great family fun!”

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