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Electronics Kits

Master circuitry and electric currents as you build something new. Use one of our electricity kits to learn about electronics, circuits, currents, and everything electricity. Make abstract STEM principles come to life, enhancing homeschool and classroom learning.

Our kits typically will feature a multitude of safe, hands-on projects featuring resistors, capacitors, transistors, LEDs, and more. Transistor radios, alarms, metal detectors, and finger-touch lamps are also commonly featured. Advanced kits may require soldering and soldering tools may or may not be included. Most feature spring-wire connection and bred-board methods.

With a wide variety of kits designed to foster learning in children and adults, you’ll have the opportunity to build a video game, a car, or something else. They will offer you the chance to develop soldering skills. You’ll have fun building these kits and you’ll be able to enjoy the final product afterward with the kits at Scientifics Direct.