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Scientifics Direct is THE source for gifts, gadgets and toys for all the science enthusiasts in your life. From preschoolers to professors and from novices to specialists, we are the 'go-to' destination for anyone looking to have serious fun with serious science! We proudly provide the latest and best selling, most unique science-related items available in over a dozen different fields. Whether you are a teacher, parent, scientist, hobbyist, or just intellectually curious, our unique collection offers exciting, new perspectives on fun and learning.

For Kids & Teens

At Scientifics Direct, we believe that as a parent or relative, you can help give your children an edge in life by opening the doors to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) in your own home. Our schools can't be expected to do it all. While the foundation often begins in the classroom, it can prove a powerful experience for children to bring the classroom home in fun and unique ways. We stand by the belief that parents can encourage 3D visualization and transformation skills by exposing children to gifts that make them think in fun and creative ways. Not only does it go a long way in reinforcing the S.T.E.M. lessons that they learn in school, but it will open up their minds to possibilities and encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity that will stay with them forever. It was Albert Einstein that said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." At Scientifics Direct, we strive to help you encourage both - and guarantee you'll have fun while doing it!

For Adult Hobbyists

For those of us who have made science our hobby, offers a wide variety of kits to fuel our passion for knowledge. Our products are geared for detailed-oriented minds who are fascinated by complexity. We’re committed to suppling a continuous stream of models designed to explore the science that excites you most. You supply the patience, curiosity and a steady hand. From kitchen chemistry to practical electronics and from modern robotics to traditional wood kits, we are the prime destination for the adult science enthusiast.

Science Classics

With icons like Newton's Cradle and the Drinking Bird, features all the classic products that demonstrate core science principles. Find products you remember from your childhood and those that have been upgraded but are still loaded with the scientific concepts that make you gasp "How did it do that?" As simple as some of these items may seem, the science behind them is deceivingly complex.

Newest Innovations

From the latest in robotics to the most complete chemistry kits and everything in between, is bursting with hundreds of new products for every age group and interest set. Check our NEW PRODUCTS category weekly for our latest discoveries. You'll find things you never knew existed and be tempted to explore the how and why of it all.


Developed with our longest-term, core customers in mind, our exclusive products speak directly to those who enthusiastically embrace their love of science as more than just a hobby. At Scientifics Direct, we offer some of the best science tools, projects and all-around family fun that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're an astronomy lover interested in our specially designed Jim Mullaney's Star and Planet Locator, our kitchen chemistry Mayer Farms products or the Vintage Pinball Kit perfect for a family project, we have the gifts you love and won't find anywhere else.