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Phenomenally Gross! But Great Hands-On Science

These sterilized real owl pellets contain indigestible parts from an owl’s meal – fur, feathers and skeletal bones. Use the included tool to separate dried contents. The included bone chart will help you identify and reconstruct the bones of birds, moles or voles. What will You uncover & identify? Includes 2 sterilized owl pellets, 2 probes and a bone chart PLUS a third owl pellet for a total of 3 pellets. Made in the USA! For ages 8+.

How are Owl Pellets Formed?

Owls are carnivores and have two stomachs. Once they have digested the nutritional portion of their meal, the indigestible remains (bones, fur and feathers) enter their second stomach where these pieces are all concentrated down into a single oval casting. The owl then discards that waste by regurgitating it.

So, to be blunt, this is NOT owl ‘poop’. It’s actually dried owl vomit formed into a ball (ewwww!) 

What do Owl Pellets Look Like?

Each pellet is completely unique and has been heat sanitized and wrapped in foil prior to shipment. The average length of a pellet is 1.5” and each contains well over a dozen tiny, discernable bones. The pellets are dry and consist primarily of condensed hair, fur or feathers so they easily separate when using the supplied pick tool.

Why is This So Much Fun?

Kids love the fun of discovery – and doing something new that seems, well, like something they might normally just get in trouble for doing on their own! This is a great, unforgettable nature activity for a parent to do with their child. You may have performed a similar activity while you were a student in school. Sadly, many schools no longer offer this nature discovery as part of their curriculums.

A thorough dissection of a single pellet can take up to half an hour. Matching the bones to the supplied chart for identification and attempting to ‘re-assemble’ the skeleton will extend the activity (and the fun) considerably.

  • Dissection kit nature activity
  • Includes 3 common barn owl pellets

2 probes and a bone chart also provided

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