Executive Gyroscope
Stainless Steel & Solid Brass

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  • Highly machined, excellent quality
  • Made from solid brass and aluminum
  • Super smooth computer balanced disk

Proudly Display Your Respect for Advanced Physics

Introducing the most impressive gyroscope Scientifics has ever offered. Over 10 lbs of stainless steel and brass stock material were used to create this 2.8 lbs gyroscope display with ultra-quite bearings. With a simple tip of the gimbal, you'll gain a greater appreciation for gyroscopic effects, conservation of angular momentum and its potential for use in inertial navigation.

Average spin time length (by hand): 45 sec. For optimal speed use the included energizer wheel (along with your own power drill) to acheive maximum performance. 

Measures 5” x 3.94” x 3.94”. For ages 14+.

Includes: Mechanical Gyroscope, energizer wheel, 4 spare bearings and user manual.


From the Scientifics Brand Manager:

“This product has a lot I admire. Our Executive Gyroscope is so highly machined, the materials are of such high quality, the design is so artistic…but it’s the fact that I can simply set it into motion with the slightest touch of my fingertip- THAT’S what makes it my favorite desktop display. Hypnotic? Absolutely. It also makes a statement. I think of it as the Mercedes Benz hood ornament of all physics demonstrations for your desktop.

Now if you’re looking instead for our top performing, most versitile gyroscope with multiple applications, I suggest you discover our Super Precision Gyroscope with Gimbal Kit (#3157852). That is the workhorse of our gyroscopes, the one used in universities throughout our country. I personally think of that model as our Black Bird engine of working gyroscopes.”    


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