Super Precision Gyroscope
with Gimbal Kit

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  • Precision Super-Fast Desktop Gyroscope
  • Includes 24 additional gimbal kit 
  • Electric motor (included) requires 4 AA batteries (not included) 

Super-Fast Gyroscope AND Additional Gimbal Kit For Maximum Magnetism

The Super Precision Gyroscope is built from solid brass with a lightweight aluminum frame to create the highest precision. The gyroscope comes with a number of attachments allowing numerous configurations to perform scientific, educational or simply mesmerizing experiments including an electric motor that requires 4 AA batteries, not included, and a stainless-steel shaft. Also included is the gimbal kit, which is a modular set of 24 components that complement and expand the variety of experiments that can be performed; the gimbal kit is also compatible with the components supplied with the gyroscope. For ages 14+. 


SUPER FAST 12,000rpm Electric motor start

The included Quickstart® electric motor spins the gyroscope effortlessly up to an impressive 12,000 revolutions per minute. The motor can be fastened to the gyroscope with two screws providing hours of continuous use or it can be used to briefly start it and quickly detach, allowing you to perform experiments for as long as 25 minutes. The motor has its own battery pack that requires 4 AA batteries. Batteries are not included.

SUPER SMOOTH computer balanced disk

The super gyroscope disk is made from brass and machined to micron precision, ensuring the disk is incredibly symmetrical and well balanced. Brass is an alloy, made up of a number of other metals and these metals are not always evenly dispersed resulting in a very slight non-uniform weight distribution. To correct this, the disk is then computer balanced to an impressive 250th of a gram accuracy!

SUPER SUSTAINED spin times of up to 25 minutes

Carefully chosen miniature ultra-low friction stainless-steel ball bearings allow it to run smoothly and almost silently for up to 25 minutes, allowing you to perform the experiments and tricks you want to do without having to reattach the electric motor.



  • Super Precision Gyroscope
  • 3 legs stable gimbal platform
  • Rubber feet to stop slipping
  • Gimbal parts made from stainless steel
  • Gyroscope attachments interchangeable with gimbal kit
  • Kit can be used to link two gyroscopes together
  • Allows the gyroscope to be used will gimbals or on an arm

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Gyroscope
  • 2 x 2-inch-long stainless-steel extension rods
  • 2 x Ball ends
  • 1 x Slotted end
  • 1 x Centre hub
  • 3 x legs (can be used as extension rods)
  • 3 x Feet (connects to ends of legs)
  • 3 x rubber O rings (fit on feet)
  • 3 x Hex screws to secure feet to legs
  • 1 x Plastic washer for top of hub
  • 1 x Pin (fits into hub and horizontal arm)
  • 1 x Hex screw to secure pin to horizontal arm
  • 2 x Gimbal vertical arms
  • 2 x Thumb Screws
  • 1 x Centre beam
  • 1 x Counterweight
  • 1 x Grub screw for counterweight
  • 1 x Alan key


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