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Water Rocket, Classic Science Toy!

Water Rocket, Classic Science Toy! (Click image to enlarge)

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- Water Rocket launches up to 100 ffeet in the air

- 50's retro nostalgia

All-Time Classic Science Toy

This plastic model rocket (with a mean '50's Sci-Fi/Retro look) can fly up to 100 feet using only water and air pressure as "rocket fuel". Set comes complete with 8" rocket, air pump and fuel feeder. Adult supervision is recommended.

Where's the Science?

A water rocket employs a compressed gas to accelerate water through its nozzle as a means of propulsion. The water inside the motor is essentially stationary and is accelerated to the velocity at the nozzle expressed by Bernoulli's equation: P = ½ pV2(the two is squared).


SKU 3110400

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