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Twiddler Triple Temptation

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- Two dimensional strategic brain teaser

- Rotate the colored tiles with the Twiddler wheel on the magnetic puzzle tray

- Developed by the inventor of the Quadrilla marble run systems

- Made from eco-friendly arboform ("liquid wood")

A Puzzling (and Patented) Fitness System for the Brain

Like a Rubiks Cube re-imagined as a handheld 2-dimensional mosaic tile game, Twiddler has three circles that merge to riddle your mind with unlimited possibilities for hours of brain teasing fun. Maneuver the overlapping circles by spinning the transparent Twiddler wheel to rotate the colored tiles on the magnetic puzzle tray. Exchange them for other tiles until you unlock the proper pattern configuration and complete the design. Each move must be strategic in order to master. The Twiddle Triple includes 77 tiles, a “liquid wood” puzzle tray with magnets, a transparent Twiddler wheel and Quick Start booklet. Measures 7.48” x .35” x 7.2”

For ages 10 +.

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Age Range 8 And Up
Price Range $25-$50

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