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- Great construction kit uses your toilet and paper towel roll tubes

- Set includes 39 pieces, including 9 cardboard tubes

- Build fantastic structures from your imagination

- Designed and manufactured in the USA

Think Green, Build Green, Play Green

Toobalink works by connecting together everyday paper towel and toilet tissue tubes. The Toobalink Starter Kit comes with all the pieces necessary (including some new tubes) to build a wide variety of connectors. These connectors are then used to hold the tubes together to build large scale structures.  Kids can play, build and learn about the importance of recycling while putting all those empty tubes to good use.



How To Make A Sword from Toobalink on Vimeo.



The set includes 39 pieces:




12 tube connectors
4 eight-way connectors
4 six-way connectors
6 couplers
4 joiners
3 long cardboard tubes
6 short cardboard tubes
Instruction booklet with build examples.

For ages 5+.

Toobalink pieces are snapped together to make connectors that
paper towel and toilet tissue tubes can attach to.

Step 1: Start with a Toobalink core piece.

Step 2: Attach a tube connector piece to the core piece.

Step 3: Slide a paper tube over the connector piece.

Toobalink works with almost all paper towel tubes and toilet tissue
tubes. Collect more tubes to build bigger and better things!



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