The Secrets of Science
Magic Set

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  • Learn STEM principles as you appear to do the impossible
  • Always have something new up your sleeve with 250+ tricks
  • Includes easy to follow illustrated instructional booklet

Perform Science that Astounds like Magic!

Conduct over 250 science experiments that give the illusion of being magic! Includes instruction booklet and access to instructional videos. Learn about physics, biomechanics, magnetism, and more as you appear to defy gravity, read minds, and even vanish objects! Go online with a smartphone or tablet and access exclusive augmented reality magic tricks will truly awe and amaze. Includes 67 pieces and an illustrated 80-page book of secrets. Designed in the USA. For ages 7+.

Set Includes:

  • Marble Glass Challenge (Surface Tension)
  • 15 Marbles
  • Mind Reading Bag (Perception)
  • Periodic Table Chips
  • Gold Periodic Table Chips
  • Floating Mercury* (Gravity)
  • Miracle Deck (Friction & Physics)
  • Refraction Mystery Tank with 5 Discs (Refraction)
  • Sticker Sheet (Adhesive Forces)
  • Secret Levitation Gadget (Simple Machines)
  • Moving Clouds (Optical Illusion)
  • 6 Magic Math Cards (Mathematical Wizadry)
  • Vanishing Milk Glass (Engineering)
  • Deceptive Mirror (Optical Illusion)
  • 2 Mystifying Boomerangs (Optical Illusion)
  • Rising Magic Wand (Physics & Elasticity)
  • Vanishing Coin Rings (Perception)
  • Production Box (Engineering)
  • 2 Appearing Balls
  • Splitting the Atom (Magnetism & Physics)
  • 8 Cubes
  • Magical Spinner (Physics)
  • Floating Vase (Friction)
  • Expanding Bill (Paper Engineering)
  • Book of Secrets Manual

*Set does not contain actual Mercury.


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