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The Periodic Table of the Cosmos Poster

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- An advanced course in astronomy that you can actually pin to your wall

- Measures 26" x 38"


The Ultimate Poster for Serious Astronomy Geeks

Perfect for the astronomy geek, the teacher that wants to challenge students in the space sciences, and armchair astronomers, the Periodic Table of the Cosmos links the element’s chemical symbol to astronomical places, objects, concepts and discoveries.  Topics range from the Big Dipper, the Moon and the Pole Star to Red Dwarfs, and exotic stars! This colorful wall display will be engaging for hours as our incredible Cosmos is explored through fascinating images and informative description.

Developed by veteran science journalist, producer, and illustrator Sarah Kennedy, Jensan Scientifics , and edited by renown author and stellar astronomer, Dr. James Kaler.  

This laminated poster measures 26” W X 38” L. It comes with a 2-sided information sheet that includes additional information, with questions and answers about the poster.

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Subject Astronomy
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