Terrarium in a Terrarium - Carnivorous Creatures

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  • Measures approx 6" x 7"
  • Grow 10 different carnivorous plants
  • Glass terrarium comes complete with everything you need- just add water!
  • Mini-terrarium suspended from top of main bowl

Grow a Tiny World Within a World

Watch this fascinating collection of Carnivorous Plants sprout, grow, trap and devour their prey!  This hand-made high-quality glass terrarium within a terrarium is the perfect container to do this in with meat-eating plants. After sprouting, these plants will thrive in the planter for years and get larger and larger every year. This one of a kind terrarium contains 10 seed varieties of Carnivorous Plants. Complete with everything you need and guaranteed to grow- just add water!

Notorious Fly Traps snap shut on their meal when their trigger hairs are touched.  Stunning Pitcher plants lure unwitting insects into their tubular traps that disorient, trap, and drown their prey. Once a bug lands on one piece of the sparkling Sundew Plant, other branches of the plant encircle and entwine it, while secreting digestive juices to eat it.

* Glass 2-Part Terrarium within a Terrarium
* Color Seed Packs of Fly Trap, Pitcher Plant, and Sundew Plants
* Compressed Germination Medium Disk
* Sprouting and Care Instructions

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