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Super Sized Light Doodler

Super Sized Light Doodler  (Click image to enlarge)

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- Wildly hypnotic display of 'levitating' rings of light

- Easily customize the visual display from 'solid' to intermittent beams

- Instantly draws the attention of every passer-by

Make masterpieces in the medium of light!

The advanced LED technology of Super Sized Light Doodler allows you to manipulate and even freeze light beams, for dazzling still animation images and mesmerizing light shows.


Hold the power of light in your hands and make it stop mid-air with only a flick of a switch. Light creations can also be made to respond to music or sound. Completely wireless and outfitted with handle and foldable design, the Super Sized Light Doodler can easily travel with you to parties, picnics, clubs, and more.

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Meassures 10" x 8" x 14".

SKU 3039853

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