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Sun Stone Halotech Watch

Sun Stone Halotech Watch (Click image to enlarge)

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One Of a Kind Timepiece

One Of a Kind Timepiece

“Opposing forces compete for power – Balancing the Universe”

Created using a porcelain casting method called Lithophane, the face of this watch is produced with a high degree of artistry and carving mastery. Its polished surface mimics the surface of the sun and is a stunning, shining timepiece for any astronomy enthusiast.

Concept: scholars have long debated the meaning and purpose of the Aztec sun stone. suggested purposes include: a history book, calendar or a graphic representation of the cosmos back of the watch is engraved with the image of Tonatum, the Aztec face of the Sun.

Balancing the universe reflects the Aztec belief that the world would end without the constant battle of opposing forces.

Made with 316L stainless steel case, 52mm dia. three atmosphere water resistance. leather strap,stainless steel buckle, scratch resistant dome crystal.

The watch features Japanese Quartz movement, patented LED lighting system, water-resistance, and a scratch resistant magnifying dome. The brown leather strap and gold case make it an even classier statement. Watch is packaged in an attractive, reusable gift box and tin.


SKU 3151273

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