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Static Electricity Science Kit

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• 25-piece kit

• Dozens of science experiments and tricks

• Learn to levitate items

Fantastic Static Learning Kit Includes Fun Flystick

This 25 piece experiment kit provides everything you need to learn to levitate everyday items and perform exciting experiments with static charge. Learn how to bend a thin stream of water, move a conductive cylinder, create electric wind, power a neon lamp, and more. The in-depth static electricity experiment guide includes an introduction to static electricity, information about insulators and conductors, an explanation of triboelectric charge, and more.

The kit also comes with a portable and transparent Van de Graaff generator, the “Fun-Fly-Stick,” which allows you to see the inner workings of the wand while you play wizard.

The material includes introduction to static electricity, overview of atom models (solar system and electron cloud), teaches about insulators and conductors, triboelectric charge, explains Van de Graaff generator on very detailed level including electrostatic induction, polarization, and coronal discharge.

Kit includes: One transparent, portable Van de Graaff generator; one illustrated and detailed experiment guide; 10-piece levitation kit and 25-piece experiment kit.

Recommended for ages 14+.

Requirements: 2 AA batteries (not included)

Play with FunFlyStick at least 3 ft from computers, TV , and other electronic devices. It is recommended to avoid contact between FunFlyStick and metal objects such as pots, pans, etc.





Experiments include:



  • bend a thin stream of water
  • move a conductive cylinder
  • feel the 'electric wind'
  • ion motor
  • power a lamp with the fun Fly Stick
  • electrostatic adhesion
  • fly fling saucers
  • electrostatic motor
  • electrostartic drummer
  • understanding induction
  • leyden jar

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