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- These amazing gliders will out-perform your wildest expectations!

- Includes 2 soft-foam gliders and 1 launcher per pack

- Performs Loopty-Loops and Boomerangs and whistles while it soars

Loops and Glides up to 120 feet!

These high flying soft-foam stunt planes perform all kinds of aerial tricks at super-sonic speeds. Just pull back on the elastic launcher and watch your jet soar up to 120 feet! With whistle-screaming action, you’ll watch your glider do loops, swoops and boomerangs. 2-pk (assorted colors). This product is guaranteed to out-perform your expectations of what a hand-launched glider is capable of doing! Our highest recommendation! Buy 2 and create your own summer air show! 

For ages 8+.




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Age Range 8 And Up
Price Range $10-$25

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