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Rs-Spectroscope For Telescopes

Rs-Spectroscope For Telescopes

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RS-Spectroscope for Telescopes

Illuminate the night sky with brilliant colors!

Illuminate the night sky with brilliant colors that span the full spectrum of the rainbow.

The RS-Spectroscope attaches to a telescope eyepiece, spreading light from stars and nebulae into strains of luminous colored light. Study the constellations with new capabilities to analyze colors present, discover absorption and emission lines, and determine luminosity to reveal the true nature and chemical makeup of the universe.

The RS-Spectroscope enables you to see the OBAFGKM spectral sequence in living color and visualize the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram that arranges stars by luminosity, size, temperature, pasts, presents, and futures.

The RS-Spectroscope attaches easily to eyepieces from Televue, Meade and Celestron that have a rubber eyecup. It works best with eyepieces with long eye relief (e.g., 20mm and greater). It can also attach to eyepieces that are flat at the top. Low power and longer focal length are useful. The eyepiece itself does not have to be expensive, but should be capable of producing good quality star images.

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