Rattleback Decision Maker

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  • Reversible Rattleback tells you fortunes 
  • Learn about physics with this spinner
  • For ages 5+

Spin the Rattleback Right Round to Make Physics Happen

The true science behind the rattleback is if it spun one way, then it will reverse directions on its own! After being spun, and just prior to reversing direction, the rattleback rocks up and down on its long axis. Rattlebacks have a counterclockwise spin bias, resulting from the shape of their smooth ellipsoidal base and the distribution of mass with respect to the axis of spin. Let this rattleback decision maker decide if you eat out for lunch today or go on an adventure with only the rattleback to guide you!

Instructions: Place the rattleback spinner on the center of the decision maker and spin using your thumb on one end and pointer finger on the other. Wherever it stops is the choice fate (or the rattleback) has made for you. For ages 5+. 

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