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Pulley Demonstration Kit

Pulley Demonstration Kit

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- 33 Piece university-grade assembly kit

- Demonstrates basic block and tackle principles

Learn the Science Behind the Block and Tackle

Using numerous pulleys, rigging and support apparatus, this 33-piece kit demonstrates the principles behind lifting loads, applying forces and transmitting power. Allowing you to experiment directly with mechanical advantage, this university-grade block and tackle system is designed to demonstrate management of forces and movement. The experiment guide includes full color illustrations and instructions for assembly.

Potentially a great starting base for a Rube Goldberg device, you could lift, transfer, and manipulate objects using this kit to over-engineer a crazy contraption of your own design – and become the next YouTube sensation! Maybe you just want to build a rigging for your Lego City Land Port or maybe design the perfect old fashion household burglar trap- either way, this kit has amazing potential.

Assembly kit includes the following:

- 8 single sheave ball bearing frictionless pulleys

- 2 double sheave ball bearing frictionless pulleys

- 1 wood base (20 x 15 cm)

- 1 vertical rod (61 cm x 9.5 mm)

- 1 horizontal rod (20 cm x 9.5 mm) with clamp

- 6 collars with hook

- 1 right angled clamp

- 1 wheel & axle

- 2 cord rolls

- 1 tommy bar to tighten vertical rods

- 9 hooked Masses brass weights

-  Experiment guide

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