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VR Atlas Kit

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  • A mix of VR and AR brings the world’s landmarks to life
  • 138-page interactive book with 15 activities
  • Walk the streets of Sydney Australia to Tokyo

Explore the World in Virtual Reality

Become an explorer as you learn about and experience the wonders of the world, strap on the included goggles with your cellular device to travel through history and experience the world through virtual and augmented reality. Scanning the digital codes in the 138-page book will transport you to different countries as you learn about culture, cuisine, and famous landmarks. Travel the world as you walk the streets of Shibuya Tokyo and experience landmarks such as the historic Colosseum. Included in this kit are 15 projects and activities so that you can build your own volcano, dig out a replica dinosaur fossil and scratch a map to show off all your travels. For ages 8+.

Free app is needed on a chosen cellular device and can be found on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Requires Android version 7.0 or greater, Apple iOS version 9.0 or greater.

This kit includes 23 pieces:

V.R. goggles, interactive atlas book, paint set, brush, growing pot, funnel, origami paper (x10), Abacus passport, red food coloring, stamps (x2), baking soda, volcano mold, pipe cleaners (x10), straw, clay, digging tool, digging chisel, replica dinosaur fossil, Abacus frame, 100 beads, scratch map, Eiffel Tower puzzle and sundial template. Some additional household items may be required to complete various experiments, i.e. dish soap, water, ice, paper towels, scissors, etc.

From our Scientifics Brand Manager:

“Of all the new Virtual Reality kits produced by designer Steve Rad, I find the love and attention to detail that Steve and his creative team put into the VR Atlas to be the most impressive. Why? I’ve personally visited a few of the places that you too will travel to digitally using this technology and I can testify that this experience is authentic. For example, there is an opportunity for you to explore an underground cenote in the Mexican Yucatan with VR Atlas. A few years ago I swam in that sink hole with my family and re-visiting it with the VR Atlas raised the hairs on the back of my neck! It’s THAT amazing!

“This is not just some updated View Master viewer. This is an enriching, fully immersive experience for kids and adults alike. Ever wanted to experience the Aurora Borealis?  I have. Now that I explored it with VR Atlas, I’m committed to traveling north to do so in person. Don’t hesitate to buy this product. It will definitely inspire you to start traveling. But if you can’t travel, this may be the next best thing!"  

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive, completely computer-generated environment. Immersion is achieved using a VR headset or goggles which encapsulates the user’s entire field of vision.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) uses the user’s real surroundings and adds virtual information such as photo filters, moving characters, or navigation. AR is not designed to be fully immersive and may only require use of a smartphone camera.

For the best VR experience:

  • Be sure to toggle the eye controls found on the bottom of the goggles to ensure the focus is aligned to each user.
  • Wipe off any fingerprints or smudges from the face of your device.
  • Ensure your smart phone is placed correctly into the goggle, centered with the lenses to the best of your ability.

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