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Precision Economy Spectrometer

Precision Economy Spectrometer (Click image to enlarge)

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Spectrometer, Precision, Economy Plastic Case, Identify Elements In Flame Spectra, Solar Spectra & Various Lights, Accurate Within 1 Nanometer

Accurate, Easy-to Read Hand-Held Spectrometer

This durable, hand-held plastic spectrometer can be used to study different kinds of light, both natural and man-made and to identify the various elements present in the different kinds of lights. It uses high-dispersion, high efficiency diffraction grating that produces a bright spectrum that is very easy to read. Additionally, the spectrometer is calibrated to have accuracy within 1 nanometer when measuring wavelength and includes a reference label for bright spectral lines.

What Exactly is Light?

We’ve all been taught that the “white” light that we see and use everyday is actually made up of a combination of all the colors along the visible spectrum, combined in such a way that white has great intensity (brightness) but no hue (color). A spectrometer lets you see this spectrum. It measures the properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and provides a visual representation of what the light actually is – you’ll actually see the parts of the “rainbow”!


SKU 3082305

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