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Precision Gyroscope

Precision Gyroscope

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This 3-1/2” diameter heavy metal gyroscope features a dynamically balanced 6cm steel rotor and Teflon bearings that are virtually frictionless. Learn all about the properties of gyroscopic inertia, angular motion, torque, rotational inertia and rigidity in space as first recorded by Sir Isaac Newton. Can run up to 5 minutes without a wobble!

A gyroscope is a device that consists of a spinning mass, usually a heavy disk called a rotor, that is mounted on a base. The rotor has a spin axis positioned through the center of it. The rotor is mounted and moves within gimbals that allow it to move freely in any direction. This is mounted within a frame. Because of its ability to move in any direction, the rotor maintains its orientation, regardless of any movement in the base. (Orientation refers to an object being positioned in such a way that one point on the object is fixed.)

Picture this: you’re on a boat. The boat has waves coming at it from two sides and is moving up and down, side to side and forwards. You happen to have a gyroscope on the boat. Despite the fact that the base will move with the boat, the rotor will always remain level.

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