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Pneumatic Engine Kit

Item #3155680


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Model Pneumatic engine

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Create an eye-catching and imaginative self-propelled wooden mechanical model kit that can be assembled without glue. UGears designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms and embody our love of art and ingenuity building these beautiful working models should be fun, models provide an engaging and rewarding experience 

Be a part of the once great era of steam with just a breath of air. The Pneumatic Engine (made of plywood and birch) is a small but fully functional example of a steam engine, except it uses air pressure instead of steam to set it in motion. Use an ordinary inflated balloon and watch the pistons and gears chug along just like the locomotive engines of yesteryear. The model comes with a built-in air pressure gauge and two compartments for storage and spare parts.

For Ages 14+


6.4” x 3” x 3.9” – Once Assembled

Number of parts: 81

More Information
Subject Physics
Age Range Adults
Price Range $10-$25

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