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Planetary Gear Box Set 16:1 To 400:1

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Planetary Gearbox Box Set (16:1 to 400:1), Tamiya America

The planetary gear box system is a highly versatile system for reduction of high RPM electric motors for high-torque low RPM applications.

This type of gear reduction system is often used in precision instruments because of the reliability and accuracy of the unit. The adaptation of these units is limited only by your imagination.

Getting its name from the way the gears rotate like the planets around the sun, the Planetary Gear Box is a precise, high-quality gearbox with a RE-260 motor built into the gear box itself to add to its compactness. A wide range of gear ratios can be attained, and two kinds of crank arms are supplied for a wider range of functions.

  • Gear Ratios: 4:1 5:1 16:1 20:1 25:1 80:1 100:1 400:1
  • Motor: RE-260
  • Operational voltage 3.0V. 10,500 RPM.
  • Power supply not included


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