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PIXEL Photo Art (16 Peg Boards)

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  • Includes 16 Peg Frames Boards
  • 22,000 pegs in 6 colors
  • (1) 25” x 19” picture frame

Create a Personal Artistic Portrait in Color Pegs

Take a photo, upload it to the website, print the colored pattern sheets at 100%, and then create your Pixel portrait! Photo Pixel allows you to choose a photo and recreate it using pegs, by going online and printing the pattern cards. Upload your image to their on-line site to create a personalized pattern card and a work of art!

Each kit contains all the assorted color pegs, handy storage tubes and pegboards with a frame for hanging up your works of art on the wall, just like you would with a painting!

For ages 9+.


About Pixel Photo:

Just place the guide sheets over the pegboards, start stocking the pegs through them, and the game begins! The pegs come in just 6 different colors, but when you look at your creation from a distance, they will merge, as if by magic, to form an image with new colors and nuances, as if you were looking at a photograph.

The principle, known as “spatial color mixing”, was once the basis for Pointillist art in the late Nineteenth Century, and is also the technique employed for printing on paper, in order to reproduce photographs.

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Age Range 8 And Up

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