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Office Ninja Blowguns

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- Includes 2 blowguns with 12 projectiles each

- Playful 'cubicle warefare' toy intended for ages 18+

- Suprisingly accurate

Fun Office Toy For Playful Adults

The Office Ninja BLOWGUN combines the thrill of shooting with the stealth of a ninja into an addictive blowgun game. Practice your Ninja skills at home or at work without any risk of damaging walls or furniture. A short, sharp, and forceful exhalation acts as an explosion of power to propel the specially designed projectile at maximum velocity through the barrel of the blowgun. The lightweight projectiles travel precisely and penetrate the Styrofoam target with a “thwack”. Each blowgun is about 30" once assembled.

Set includes two blowguns with126 projectiles each. Blowguns are made of translucent acrylic and come in deep dark blue and deep dark red colors.

The recommended shooting distance is about 11 ft. Protective goggles must be worn at all times while playing (goggles not included). Performs better than foam ammo – more accurate, penetrates Styrofoam target and stays there, allows target shooting competition. Creates no mess, no damage to walls, furniture, or other items. Safe for people and pets. The impact of the ammo MAY sting, but will no cause injuries. You should NEVER fire or aim at anyone’s face or eyes. Game of 2 blowguns is compact and lightweight.

AMMO MAY RICOCHET. Use as directed. This product is for ages 18 or older and is to be used for target shooting only. Misuse may cause serious injury, especially to the eye. Safety glasses must be worn by the user and any person within range. Do not aim or shoot this blowgun at people, animals, or property. Use only projectiles supplied or recommended.

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