Octacog Physics Game

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  • Fun physics game for both kids & adults
  • Explore symmetry & balance while learning about gravity and equilibrium
  • Add rods & weights to the balance pedestal then spin to see the results
  • Crank up the Challenge by adding the Octacog Expansion Pack (#3157527)

Build, Balance & Spin!

Sometimes, Octacog seems to defy gravity. But actually, Octacog is using gravity to balance in peculiar ways. By learning about center of gravity and equilibrium, you can start to predict how Octacog will balance. Just like in life, some of the most fun discoveries are made when you try something new and something totally unexpected happens!

The last player to take a turn and spin Octacog without it falling or touching the balance pedestal wins! A fun way to experiment with observation, prediction and testing.

For one or more players. For ages 7+.

Play Rules:

Players take turns. During a turn, a player may add a part or move a weight one notch closer to the Octacog core. Before moving, player must declare an action. “I’m going to add a rod here,” or “I’m going to move this weight.” The player removes Octacog from the balance pedestal, performs the action and returns Octacog to the pedestal. The player gently spins Octacog. If Octacog makes one complete turn without falling or touching the balance pedestal, Octacog is balanced and it’s the next player’s turn. If Octacog falls or touches the balance pedestal or play surface, you lose.

Note: Octacog works best on flat, solid surfaces. Do not use Octacog on glass or fragile surfaces. Damage may occur.


  • 26-Design inspiration cards
  • 1-Octacog game base
  • 16-Octacog core wedges
  • 2-Octacog core end pieces
  • 7-balance rods
  • 2-large weights
  • 2-medium weights
  • 4-small weights
  • 2-balance points
  • 2-balance end caps
  • 1-instruction booklet

Also available:

Octacog Expansion Pack (#3157527)

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