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Novelty LED Matrix Board

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  • This kit requires SOLDERING materials and skills (not included)
  • This also requires an ARDUINO board (also not included) such as our DUINO Jr. KIT (item# 3155318)

Fun Soldering Project for Arduino Board Users

This is a fun DIY soldering project for use with an Arduino board (like our Duino Jr. Kit - item# 3155318). The holes along the top of the board are LEGO compatible so it can be added to any of your brick projects. To run and power the board, connect to an Arduino and your computer (neither included). Includes 49 LEDs (all the same color with a max current of 20mA),a 10k ohm resister, LED driver, instructions and more.

Requires soldering iron, solder and wire clippers (not included).


  • 49 LEDs (all the same color, with a max current of 20mA)
  • 1 10k ohm resistor
  • 1 MAX7219CNG+ (This is the LED driver)
  • 1 Female header (.1 spacing 6 positions)

Assembly instructions

Note: Power will need to be supplied separately

This kit requires soldering skills. Want to learn how to solder? We recommend our Deluxe Learn to Solder Kit (#3152991) which includes all the necessary tools and soldering instruction.

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