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Mayadust / Tinder Dust

Mayadust / Tinder Dust (Click image to enlarge)

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Start Fire In a Pinch

Start Fire In a Pinch

Just a sprinkle of this natural fire starter quickly creates a flame using ancient, time-tested methods. From the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire, Maya Dust is made from the “Pino de Ocote,”a fatwood pine cultivated in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico. With its 80% resin content, MayaDust is easy to light, even when wet, and produces an extremely hot flame.

The convenient waterproof case is compact enough to fit in your pocket or backpack for fire at your fingertips whenever you need it. It packs maximum heat energy for minimal weight. MayaDust is all natural with no chemical additives.

SKU 3151351

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