Mars Glass Biodome

Mars Glass Biodome

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  • Create your own mini-Martian fantasy terrarium in a glass bowl
  • Grow plants with leaves that move when touched or when placed in the dark
  • The Dragon's Tree leaves will 'bleed' when cut
  • Seeds include Moving Plant, Wormwood, and Dragon Tree
  • Includes everything you need, just add water

What Might a Garden on The Red Planet Look Like?

An alien garden should be dominated by mysterious, powerful plants unlike any other. The Red Planet collection certainly lives up to that expectation as it contains ancient Wormwood, a mysterious plant that moves on its own, and a plant that bleeds when it is cut!  They sprout quickly and will thrive for years in the high-quality, super-thick glass terrarium.

Decorate your Mars Garden with Lava Rock and a rare Selenite Rose stone that is like nothing you have ever seen. The high-quality glass terrarium comes complete with a cork stopper to lock in humidity and moisture to facilitate the creation of a virtually maintenance-free micro-climate!

* 8” diameter, thick Glass Terrarium
* Cork Stopper
* Color Seed Packs of Moving Plant, Wormwood, Dragon Tree
* Selenite Rose Stone
* Lava Rock
* Premium Compressed Germination Medium Disk
* Sprouting and Care Instructions
* Terrarium Label

*PLEASE NOTE - the wormwood seeds are very small and may appear as though they are just specs of dirt*

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