Biosphere with Live Dwarf Frogs

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  • Receive everything you need to properly raise three live aquatic dwarf frogs 
  • Gallon-sized aquarium fits anywhere while giving your tiny new frogs plenty of space to thrive 
  • Easy to take care of (they only need to be fed twice a week) & one year's food supply is included
  • Made in the USA

Become a Parent to a Trio of Aquatic Dwarf Frogs

Build your own gallon-sized biosphere that will become home to your three (3) new dwarf frogs companions! It’s so easy to display, so easy to maintain and so fun to watch! Each package includes everything needed to set up your new frog habitat: the aquarium, a living aquatic plant, decorative rocks and more! These delightfully social creatures are great for young children, students, office workers, home-makers, seniors - just about anybody!

Features: Gallon-sized aquarium with lid, built-in multicolored LED light on the lid with built in timer, bioactive sand, frog redemption voucher, decorative rocks, colored gravel, live plants and food pack (1 year supply).

About Your New Tiny Frogs:

  • Receive 3 live, healthy & hugely entertaining aquatic frogs
  • Highly active - perform continuous water acrobatics all day long (NOT just when you feed them -unlike boring goldfish)
  • Low maintenance pets - only need to be fed 2x per week
  • Includes 1 year’s supply of frog food
  • Grow to about 1.5-2 inches
  • Average lifespan of 5 -7 years
  • Order frogs online separately once you are ready to receive them - at no additional charge
  • Mailed humanely Next Day in a safe, insulated packaging with a live water plant

About Their Tank:

  • 1-Gallon Tank measures 8” x 6” – fits anywhere!
  • Tank arrives first with the frog redemption coupon included
  • Easy set up – just add water- then order the frogs online at no additional charge
  • Specially designed biosphere only needs to be cleaned 2x a year!
  • Water filtering happens naturally with bio-activated sand and live plant
  • Plastic hexagonal tank allows clear viewing from all angles- no goldfish bowl distortion
  • Gravel and light included (requires 3 AAA batteries)
  • Survive and thrive at room temperature – no heater required

For Who:

  • These frogs are for everybody!
  • It’s so easy to display, so easy to maintain and so fun to watch!
  • Kids, adults, teachers, students, office workers, shutins -everybody loves these frogs!
  • Sorry -  these frogs cannot be shipped to Alaska, Virginia or Hawaii. 

How to Redeem Your Frogs:

Your biosphere will include a voucher for 3 African Dwarf Frogs. To redeem your amazing frogs, visit the site listed on your voucher. Frogs will be shipped next day shipping in a secure and safe insolated box ensuring their healthy arrival. 

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Price Range $75 - $100
Age Range 8 And Up

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