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Large Fresnel Lens for Solar or Optics Projects

Large Fresnel Lens for Solar or Optics Projects

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- 11" square Fresnel Lens for solar & optics projects

- Features instructions on how to build a stand & frame (frame is NOT Included)

- Teacher or parent supervision required

Framed Precision-Crafted Fresnel Lens for Solar or optics Experiments

This large, unmounted Fresnel lens is approx. 11" square and is 1/16" thick with approximately 50 lines per inch. Frame shown is a suggested application of the lens. Instructions included to build a similar 360° stand and frame (however shown frame is not included).

When used in a frame, the lens can be used as a solar cooker for heating prepared foods or for other solar experiments.

!!Caution!! A fresnel lens generates high temperatures when used under direct sunlight. Parent or teacher supervision required for educational demonstrations.This product can cause injury to the eye if used without proper eye protection.This product can cause severe burns if the image produced by the lens comes in contact with the skin. When used as a solar furnace the product can produce a temperature of up to 2,000° F.

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