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Kids First Chemistry Kit

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- Fantastic entry level chemistry lab for young learners

- Identify different chemicals using reactions, heat, evaporation, and crystallization

- Conduct 25 experiments

Exceptional Introduction to Chemistry

Kick off a chain reaction of fun-filled experiments with this introductory chemistry set designed specifically for young kids. Junior chemists can safely explore simple chemistry using the tools in this kit and common household substances from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Learn how to use basic chemistry equipment such as filters, test tubes, pipettes, and measuring spoons, and beakers. Make your own test tube racks out of plaster and learn about the chemical reaction that formed them.


Conduct experiments to identify different chemicals using reactions, heat, evaporation, and crystallization. Examine the composition of inks and dyes with chromatography experiments, where colors magically separate from one another on a filter paper disk. Explore the properties of water, soaps, and oils. Experiment with acids and bases using indicators (pH strips and cabbage juice) to identify them. Make fizzy reactions with acids and bases to dissolve shells and inflate balloons. Discover the invisible gas carbon dioxide and its very visible effects.

The full-color, 48-page manual guides inquisitive young chemists and their adult supervisors through safely conducting each of the 25 experiments.

For ages 8+.

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