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Periodic Table Game

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  • Exclusive to Scientifics
  • Unique variation on the classic brick tower game
  • Great for both home and classroom use. It's fun and easy to learn.
  • Includes wooden storage container with PeriodicTable game elements printed on the lid

This Game Makes Geeks Go ‘Ba Zn Ga’!

In theory, the game may look familiar but this wood brick tower is re-designed for the true geek at heart. Chemistry fans with a mastery of the Periodic Table will get a real big bang out of this new twist on the tumbling tower classic.

Features three rule variations: Traditional Brick Tower, Atomic Rules and For Advanced Geeks Only. Turn off the TV because it’s time to get your geek on!

For ages 10+.

Includes 54 wood bricks. Each brick features its own unique element with the name printed on one side of the brick and its symbol with the atomic number on the opposite side.

The bricks are stacked inside a wooden storage container. Printed on the container lid is a copy of the Periodic Table elements featured in the game. 

Game instructions are included as well as listing of the elements and their families.

This game will help you build familiarity with the Periodic Table of Elements. Referencing the actual Periodic Table during gameplay is encouraged. Great for classroom use too!

From our Scientifics Brand Manager:

“I designed the IT’S ATOMIC version of the classic brick tower game a few years back and I’m proud to say it’s become a perennial Best Seller for Scientifics. I wanted to produce a game that would help my own kids better understand the Periodic Table when they were introduced to it in Middle School. We still play it occasionally to this day. I’ve included multiple rule variations but the one we always seem to defer to is this set of rules:

Pick a brick. Pronounce the elements name and say its symbol (printed on the opposite side of the brick). As you continue to select additional bricks, turn your bricks so only the element symbol is visible. At the end of the game, identify each symbol by its name. Claim the atomic number of the elements you successfully named as points. Add them up. The person with the highest atomic number total wins. As you become more familiar with the elements and their atomic numbers, your game play and brick selection becomes more strategic.”   

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