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Insect / Robot Hybrid Collection

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Insect Lab: Beetle (Item# 3153925)
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Insect Lab: Wolf Spider (Item# 3153926)
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- One-of-a-kind authentic insect specimens augmented with watch components and machinery to create unique works of art

- Encased behind glass on a walnut base

- Each display is hand-crafted and signed by sculpture artist Mike Libby

Insect/Robot Hybrid Sculptures - Limited Edition

Robot-like insects and insect-like robots have always been the stuff of science fiction - until now. Both biologists and engineers alike look to insect movement, design and social behavior to inspire new technology and applications. Sculpture artist Mike Libby customizes preserved insect specimens with antique watch parts and mechanical components to create these incredible works of imagination. From beetles to spiders to scorpions, each work is a spirited and luxurious celebration of nature and machine.

Scientifics has commissoned Mr. Libby to create 3 limited edition robot-insect hybrids:

Lucanidae Beetle - limted to 10 pieces created

Wolf Spider - limted to 10 pieces created

Scorpion -limted to 3 pieces created

Insects: High-quality insect specimens are safe and non-endangered and were acquired from licensed dealers who supply from all around the world; Africa, China, New Guinea, Brazil, Texas etc

Components: Taken mainly from antique pocketwatches and wristwatches as well as electrical components and other odd bits from sewing machines and typewriters. These are non-moving sculptures designed for display only.

Archival Enclosures: Made of durable glass domes over walnut bases. The species is listed beneath the base along with the artist’s signature. The Lucani beetle and wolf spider domes measure 4” x 4”. The scorpion is the largest of the pieces with a dome measuring 5.5" x 5.5".

Limited to stock on hand. These specimens were designed and created specifically for Scientifics. These displays took months to create and are a limited edition. No back orders will be accepted.


About the Artist

Mike Libby (b 1976), artist and owner of INSECT LAB, started his ongoing series of mechanically customized insect specimens in 1999.

Libby is a multi-disciplinary artist who makes sculptures, models, collages and drawings using diverse materials, conceptual curiosity, and diligent craftsmanship. Libby has exhibited throughout the US and in parts of Europe, his work is in collections national and worldwide.  

Libby graduated with a degree in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design in 1999 and has since worked widely with book writers, editors, publishers, and members of the science fiction community, educators, gallery and museum curators, debuted at high end craft shows such as CraftBoston, Philadelphia and Smithsonian, has been a guest of Hasbro, covered by The New York Times, the Discovery Channel, featured through Neiman Marcus, carried by Anthropologie and inspired designer Jason Wu’s “2013 Resort Collection”.  Originally from central Maine, he currently resides and works in Portland, Maine enjoying coastal views, the vibrant creative community, and maintaining a prolific studio practice.  


Can the glass dome be removed? No, the dome is sealed to the base to protect the specimen.

Do they move? No, the mechanics are display only. There is no animation.

Will the artwork I recieve look exactly as shown in the images? The artist hand selected each insect specimen for their quality and size. The same attention to detail was placed in the choosing of the watch mechanics. Although the species of insect will remain consistent, each interior display will differ slightly in overall presentation, including the mechanisms and positioning.

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