Infinity Cube Lamp

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  • Perfect for creating ambiance and starting conversations
  • Reflects an infinite number of cubes
  • Multicolored, seeming to shift from green to pink and every color in between

Infinitely Light Up Your Space

Whether you want to up the ambiance in the room, get lost in the infinite reflections within or add an impressive centerpiece, the Infinity Cube Lamp is the perfect addition to any room.

See an endless number of multicolored cubes repeated in this cool, high quality lamp. This cube within a cube reflects infinitely, so when you look inside, you’ll see an infinitely long line of cubes on every side.  As you walk around this lamp, this cube will take on a different color, ranging from green and blue to orange and pink.

Even turned off, you’ll be able to enjoy the decorative piece. It remains highly reflective, bouncing other lights in the room off it. Plus, the sides take a nearly holographic look, continuing to show off other colors off the rainbow.

Easily turn it on and off with the button on the power cord and plug it in anywhere to instantly light up your space and change the mood.

Measures 5.90" x 5.90" x 6.70". Includes USB power cord (wall adapter not included). For ages 14+.


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From our Scientifics Brand Manager:

“I’ve had the Infinity Cube on my desk now for months…and it’s not going anywhere. As you might imagine, my desk is LOADED with an ever-changing assortment of products and do-dads that inspire me- from magnets and gyroscopes to prisms and crystals- and everything in between. The Infinity Cube however is the main attraction (or should I say distraction). It grabs every visitor’s attention. Visually revealing its colors as you pass it by, the deeper you gaze the more cubes you’ll see. There are so many you’ll find them impossible to accurately count!  For many visitors I have to use the easily accessible on/off button on the power cord to temporarily break their hypnosis and regain their attention. It’s really amazing!”

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