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  • Machine creates easily spoonable, soft-serve style ice cream
  • You supply the edible ingredients- recipes included
  • Makes 30 oz in about 30-40 minutes

Make the Perfect Summer Treat at Home!

The Icee Ice Cream Machine churns about 30oz of delicious soft ice cream in about 30-40 minutes! Follow the simple recipe and add flavors to your choosing to create the coldest ice cream in town! Includes full color, illustrated instructions, and 4 paper Icee cups.

You provide the edible ingredients. AC powered. Appliance measures approx. 14" x 7" 10". For ages 14+.

Ingredients you provide for basic recipe:

1.5 tsp Gelatin, ¾ cup of milk, 5 fl oz. heavy cream, ¼ cup sugar, hot water

Options for flavors include incorporating 1.5 fl oz. Icee Syrup, 2 tsp vanilla extract, ¼ cup grated chocolate, 2 oz lemon juice, or 1 oz smashed banana, etc.


Hints and Tips

  • Prior to use, the canister should be frozen for 8 hours at 0 degrees.
  • Do not remove the canister from the freezer until you are ready to make ice cream
  • Always make sure the canister is thoroughly dry before placing in the freezer
  • Freeze the bowl in the upright position.
  • When pouring the mixture into the bowl, always stop at least 1.5” from the top as the mixture will increase in volume during freezing
  • Do not puncture or heat the canister
  • Your ice cream should be the soft, spoon-able type. This can be transferred into a separate container and frozen for future use!
  • Do not use metal utensils to remove the mix from the canister

Note: This machine does not make slushie items or drinks. To purchase the Icee Slushie Making Machine click here.

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