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Geometry Strategy

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  • A variant of chess for up to 4 players
  • Challenge your strategic mind as rules will change randomly throughout the game
  • Never the same game twice
  • Winner of 4 Strategy Game awards in 2016 plus our pick for Strategy Game of the Year

Scientifics’ 2016 STEM Strategy Game of the Year!

Geometry Strategy is a unique geometric variation on chess for 2 or 4 players. As with chess, you’ll have to calculate the risks with every move and think several steps ahead. Unlike chess, when the special Challenge conditions change, each geometric piece will suddenly have a new ranking based on its area, volume or surface number. Now you must re-think all your tactics. Is attack always the best choice? Can you defend against up to 3 opponents simultaneously?  You'll never have the same gameplay. Ever!

A supreme mental challenge for ages 12+.


Includes  19" x 19" game board, 4 sets of 10 playing pieces, 4 Challenge Ranking Lists, 15 Red Zone Cards and complete instructions.

How is Geometry Strategy Played?

First player to place their Sphere on the Bullseye is the winner. How hard can that be? Well, you've got 1-3 opponents trying to take you out of the game and your Sphere has no defense...In your corner you've got 10 geometric soldiers. Try to eliminate your opponent's pieces and simaltaneously support your own. If you don't think that sounds difficult, add a Red Zone where any player can alter every condition of the game. Completely.



Game Attributes

Mechanics – eliminate your opponents’ pieces and support your own

Broad Appeal – Strategies, tactics and luck balance

Replayability – never the same gameplay scenario

Skills – the better you get the more the game expects

Engaged Players – every move counts. Every single one.

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