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Geometric Laser Optics Kit with Case

Item Number: 3153963

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- Amazing complete kit with 5 ray laser and storage case included!

- Explore refraction and reflection

- Includes 5 bean laser ray box

Complete Laser Optics Set in a Metal Case

This kit uses a compact yet powerful Laser Ray Box which has bright, well-defined rays perfect for home experimentation or classroom use. The Laser Ray Box projects 1, 3, or 5 parallel laser beams onto any flat surface ideal for optical ray viewing and analysis. Includes everything needed to demonstrate the basic principles of geometrical optics. A convenient impact resistant, foam lined metallic carry case keeps everything organized and ready to use.

Includes 8 optic components: Concave lens, Convex lens, Parallel flat or parallel bar, Trapezoid prism, Right angle lens, Mirror, Hollow semicircle, Frosted semicircle. Magnetic activity mat (15"x8-1/4" or 381x210mm) with printed scales and angles along with a helpful laser light beam chart are also included. The Ray Box is powered by an AC adapter (included).

Visit the DOCUMENTS tab (above) to review the included Teacher's Guide.

SKU 3153963

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