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Genisyss Dna Vaults

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GENiSYSS Child DNA Vault
$44.95 $27.93
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GENiSYSS Personal Vault (one vault with 8 DNA wells - item# 3155107)
$84.95 $59.93
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GENiSYSS Family/Child Bundle (two vaults with 12 DNA wells- item# 3155108)
$149.95 $74.93
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Create a DNA Vault for You & Your Family

Did you know that your DNA's chemical makeup changes and is associated with diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autism and many others? By storing DNA together with important information, including the best memories of you and your family, you can now create a time capsule with both medical and sentimental value. Keep in your private possession, and pass it forward to future generations. Your DNA could help your children and others in your family.

Safely store your genome (DNA) as a tiny blood droplet in patented material on top of a thumb-drive device. Encrypted, password-protected software contained on the digital memory guides you through information that is important to upload and save. Later in life, you'll have both your DNA plus valuable information to share with medical professionals to help accurately diagnose and treat. Personalized medicine is becoming precision medicine due to the use of affordable DNA analysis.

In the meantime, you keep possession of the Vault. You can put it on your bookshelf or in a safe deposit box. With the additional space on the digital memory, you can store private and fun stuff like family stories, photos, videos, audios, even your family tree and genealogy.For WINDOWS only.

The DNA Vault makes a beautiful gift of “you” to pass forward to future generations. Do not miss this opportunity to store your life and the life of loved ones.

Available in two versions:

GENiSYSS Personal Vault (one vault with 8 DNA wells – item#3155107)

Includes one DNA Vault with 8 DNA storage wells and 4G of memory

GENiSYSS CHILD Vault (one vault with 4 DNA wells – item#3155109)

Includes one DNA Vault with 4 DNA storage wells and 2G of memory

GENiSYSS Family/Child Bundle (two vaults with 12 DNA wells- item# 3155108)

Includes two different DNA Vaults: Family features 8 DNA storage wells and 8GB of memory PLUS Child features 4 DNA storage wells and 2GB of memory. Having both DNA and important information quickly accessible helps emergency medical responders and law enforcement. Be prepared with your child's DNA and emergency information ready and hanging on your keyring.

DNA Vault FAQs

Common Questions about the DNA Vault

  1. Why do I need to store my DNA? Due to the fact that DNA changes over a lifetime due to daily exposure to pollution, chemicals, the sun and even stress, having a personal DNA history for your doctor can be very valuable in helping the diagnostician fully understand your personal situation and prescribe an accurate treatment should you ever become ill. Even fitness regimes are using DNA to tailor the best diet and workout for your body type. Soon personal products will be designed to your DNA type. Click here to learn more about why DNA Changes, and why storing it is important.

  2. Does temperature where the Vault is kept make a difference? Our DNA Vaults safely store DNA as a blood sample on patented material in the DNA wells at room temperature. Normal daily fluctuations in temperature should not be a problem, although we do recommend you store your Vault in a place that has fairly consistent temperature, like a drawer or bookshelf or even safety deposit box. We have had a case where a person left it in their pants pocket and accidentally put it through the washer and dryer, and the Vault came out OK. Although we highly recommend you do not do this, the safety seal/gasket on the well keeps moisture out. Your Vault should be safe as long as it is not in prolonged high heat day after day.

  3. Should I keep the DNA Vault in the refrigerator or freezer? No. In fact, although DNA is kept in a freezer in laboratories, keeping the GENiSYSS DNA Vault cold for long periods of time could actually harm the physical portions of the DNA Vault, meaning the digital memory and plastic. It’s best to simply keep the DNA Vault at nominal room temperature.

  4. Is it OK to travel with the DNA Vault? Yes. In fact, we designed the DNA Vault to be able to be carried on your keyring in case of emergency, especially with the Child Vault. The patented material that is in the DNA well actually kills any virus or bacteria thereby removing all biohazard. The DNA Vault is completely safe.

  5. Why is it on a USB drive? Having samples of your DNA together with digital memory provides numerous benefits. Important information is safely attached to your DNA should an emergency occur and first responders, law enforcement and medical, need it. If you move to another city, you will have important medical information with you. In fact, you could conceivably store your medical records on it. Plus you can save important memories, your genealogy and family tree, your favorite stories, videos, photos, and anything else that defines your life on it making it a time capsule to share forward with future generations. It becomes a legacy of who you are.

  6. Does the drive contain my DNA’s content or sequencing? No. The function of the DNA storage wells is totally separate from the function of the drive. One does not interact with the other. The DNA wells only store a blood sample, and the digital memory stores whatever you upload onto it, just like a normal USB drive. The only difference is that ours contains custom, password-protected and encrypted software that guides you in entering the most important information to save.

  7. What do you mean by “encrypted” software? Encrypted software makes it difficult for anyone to gain access to the content you have uploaded onto the digital memory. As long as files have been uploaded into the software and not just as a separate file on the drive, the information contained on that file is secure should you ever lose the Vault or someone else plug it into their own computer.

  8. What if I lose my DNA Vault? There is a text file separate from the encrypted software that is accessible by whoever finds your Vault. It requests that the finder return the Vault to GENiSYSS and gives them information to do so. When the Vault returns to GENiSYSS, as long as you have registered your serial number with us, we can find you and return the Vault into your possession.

  9. What if I want a different color? For now, the only color available is green. If you feel strongly about another color, please use our contact page to let us know, and we will plan future colors according to what people request.

  10. How do I obtain a blood sample to store on the DNA well of my Vault? There are several alternatives. You can visit your local pharmacist and ask them to help you. They can either direct you to purchase an inexpensive lancet set for pricking your finger tip, such as a diabetic does multiple times a day, or you can ask if the pharmacist will do it for you. You may also choose to ask your doctor to do it or visit a lab where they can do it for you. It only requires a tiny droplet of blood, so cutting or poking deeply is truly not necessary, nothing like a phlebotomist would take as a blood sample.

  11. How much does it cost to analyze (sequence) my DNA? The cost of DNA sequencing the entire genome is dropping quickly and dramatically. Only ten years ago, it cost millions of dollars. Today, for the entire genome, a few thousand. Within this decade, we anticipate it will drop to a hundred or less.

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