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Genes in a Bottle Kit

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- Isolate and see your own DNA !

- 7 activities and educational instructions

- Includes 2 DNA keepsakes

Make Your Own DNA Keepsake

From Bio-Rad, the leader in life science research, comes a kit that allows you to make your own invisible DNA visible in a matter of minutes! Dye your DNA precipitate and make a unique helix keepsake with your own DNA strands that you can show off to friends and family . Makes a perfect gift for any parent and child!

Learn about the structure of DNA and cells as well as genetics and heredity. Continue your adventures into the remarkable world of what makes us all unique by learning about the double helix structure of your DNA. Using the ancient art of origami, you can color, cut, and fold paper to make a DNA model.

Kit includes: 2 keepsakes, lab ware, and an educational instruction manual for  7 activities as well as 2 full color "I Love Your DNA" temporary tatoos.

You will need to provide: glass of water, colored pencils, markers or crayons, permanent marker, scissors, and food coloring.

Recommended for ages 8+.

WARNING! Not for children under 8 years of age. This kit contains denatured alcohol, a flammable liquid and vapor that is harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Keep away from heat, flames, sparks, and cigarettes. All of the experiments described in this kit are safe and pose no danger as long as instructions are followed. Please read safety instructions carefully.

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SKU 3152943

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