Garage Physics Ballista Kit

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  • Medieval ballista launches ping pong balls more than 30 ft at 4 different angles
  • Learn about torsion springs, forces, acceleration, and parabolic trajectories
  • Pre-cut 17-piece plywood kit (may require sanding)
  • Once assembled measures 18" x 14" x 10"

The Perfectionist’s Medieval Weapon of Choice

Bull’s Eye! This uniquely designed take on the medieval ballista enables you to accurately alter your trajectories to achieve precision target strikes. Our siege machine uses torsion spring bundle and lever arm (but no counterweight) to achieve amazing (and repeatable) results. 

Pre-cut 17-piece plywood kit may require sanding. Once assembled measures 18" x 14" x 10". For ages 14+.

This kit is built from simple components- wood, leather and string- but has amazing results. Once built, ping pong balls can be launched more than 30 feet at 4 different launch angles. Topics explored in the educational instructions include torsion springs, forces, acceleration, and parabolic trajectories.

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