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Galileo Weather Ball

Galileo Weather Ball

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Perfect Functional Accent for Office or Study

This attractive set features a Galileo thermometer, which reads 64-80 degrees F. When the temperature rises, the liquid inside the glass tube becomes less dense and the liquid-filled bulbs sink. When the temperature cools, the process is reversed and the bulbs rise from the bottom.

Variations in barometric pressure associated with weather systems are immediately revealed by the water level in the spout of the glass barometer globe printed with a frosted world map. A low level of liquid in the spout indicates high-pressure and fair weather can be expected. A high water level is associated with bad weather.

In cases of severe weather and major storms, the water may even run out of the spout. Both the thermometer and the globe are mounted on a sturdy wooden base.

Size: 13"H x 5.5"W x 9.5"L.


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