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Fluorescent Slime Kit

Fluorescent Slime Kit

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Conjure a Batch of Fluorescent Orange Slime

Lab science just doesn't get any cooler than this- mix the right amount of sodium borate with a polyvinyl alcohol solution and you've got slime- lots of slime. Now add a fluorescent pink pigment mixture- we'll re-name this mixture ooze. Place your beaker of ooze under a black light (not included) - and listen to the 'oh's and ah's from your audience as your ooze changes color from pink to florescent orange! Creepy!

Contains enough chemicals and pigment to produce a maximum of 5 single batches as pictured above.

Required 250ml beaker, safety goggles, gloves, lab apron, and black light not included.

Adult supervision recommended. For ages 14+.

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