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Flash Rocks

Flash Rocks (Click image to enlarge)

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Flash Rocks Pkg/6

What is Piezoelectric-Light?

Triboluminescence (TRI-bow-loom-en-NES-ence) is a light producing phenomenon that occurs when striking or rubbing two pieces of piezo-electric material together. The most common materials that exhibit triboluminescence are quartz and quartzite, rose quartz. We call these Flash Rocks. They are really quartz specimens that are translucent rather than transparent, with minimal fractures throughout the rock.

Demonstrating Piezoelectric-Light phenomenon is easy with Flash Rocks. Take the rock specimens into a dark room. Wait a minute for your eyes to become dark adapted, then strike the specimens together quickly. At the point of impact you should see a light flash. Continued striking of the rocks will continue to produce light flashes.

You can also play with triboluminescence using wintergreen-flavored Lifesavers (TM) candy. In a dark room, place the candy between the jaws of a pliers and crush it. You will see a bright flash. Crush the remaining pieces in a mortar and pestle for another visual effect. This is the most scientific method, and the best method for amazing your friends and kids with your knowledge of Triboluminescence and Piezoelectric-Light. Some people just like to bite down on them between their teeth and see the sparks fly. Don't bite down on Flash Rocks.

Exactly how Flash Rocks produce their light flashes hasn't been exactly determined. One theory is that the impact causes electrons to jump to a higher energy shell. When the electrons jump back to the original shell orbit they release energy that creates the light. Try your own experiments and maybe you can solve this mystery.

Packaged in three bags, two rocks per bag.


SKU 3037474

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