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EZ Robot Developer Kit

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- For the advanced experimenter, this kit contains the component parts and software needed to develp a robot of your own design

- Includes the robotic high tech brain, servo motors and a camera

- You provide your own shell or casing

- May be used to expand the EZ Revolution SIX Robot (item# 3155102- sold separately)

Components to Build Your Own Robot from Scratch

The EZ-Robot Developer Kit contains the raw electrical components to build a robot from scratch. Perhaps a Wall-e, Omnibot, or a custom robot for your university class. Includes innovative hardware and powerful software to build the robot of your dreams! This powerful kit accommodates beginner and advanced users by providing a graphical control interface, custom scripting, and a full-featured SDK.

The EZ-B is the brains and nervous system of your EZ-Robot. With the electronics protected by a stylish plastic shell, the EZ-B v4 clips into your EZ-Robot Revolution SIX Chassis (item# 3155102) or custom robots.


High Tech Brain
The EZ-B v4 is not only the brain of your EZ-Robot, it is also the World's most powerful and compact robot brain! The EZ-B v4 scales for beginner and advanced users. The EZ-B is two PCB's sandwiched together in a compact 2x2 inch package. For protection, the speaker and electronics are enclosed within a stylish white plastic shell with a speaker chamber for clear enhanced audio. For advanced users, the EZ-B may be removed from its casing and mounted directly in your custom robot.

  • 200MHz 32-Bit Processing (120 MHz 32-bit Cortex M3 ARM Processor & 80 MHz Microchip PIC32)
  • Small Size (2.1" x 2.2")
  • WiFi connectivity (Ad-Hoc/Infrastructure/WEP/WPA/WPA2)
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Energy Efficient Digital Switching Power Supply
  • Resettable fuse protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Amplified Speaker for Speech and Music
  • 8 x 5 volt tolerant Analog (ADC) ports
  • 24 x 5 volt tolerant Digital ports (servos, PWM, and more)
  • Up to 73 Servos (combining PWM and Dynamixel)
  • Dynamixel Servo Support
  • 3 x i2c Ports
  • 1 x EZ-Robot Video Camera Port
  • 3 x High Speed UART Ports
  • Battery and Temperature Monitor

Easy-to-use Software
If hardware is the heart of your EZ-Robot, then software is the soul. Your EZ-Robot is controlled by the World's easiest, most powerful and scalable robot software. EZ-Builder takes a productive and unique approach to programming your robot. Simply add behaviors such as Camera Tracking, Speech Recognition, Wii Controller, GPS, GAIT Positioning, and hundreds more!

Vision Tracking
The camera enables advanced vision learning, detection and tracking abilities. Your EZ-Robot will interact with Objects, Colors, Faces, Motion, Glyphs, and QR Codes.

Heavy Duty Servo Motor
Includes digital heavy duty 15 kg/cm servo motors! The metal gear and ball bearing internals will withstand a high load. These servos were designed with enough strength to enable your robots to walk, move or lift.

  • Operating speed: 0.24sec/60degree (7.4V)
  • Stall torque: 15.0kg-cm/529 oz-in.(7.4V)
  • Temperature Range: -20C to +60C
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V to 7.4V
  • 3 pole ferrite
  • Dual ball metal bearing
  • All metal gears
  • connector wire length: 32cm
  • Futaba 3f (25 teeth) for driving spline/shaft
  • 6.2mm spline (including teeth)

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