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Hastings Triplet Magnifier 10X

Hastings Triplet Magnifier 10X

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Magnifier, Hastings Triplet 10X for printers and photo engravers

Unique three-element design provides the ultimate in distortion free, color-correct viewing, facilitating reduction or elimination of "pin cushion" distortion and chromatic and spherical aberrations. Two concave meniscus elements are cemented to a double convex lens, then mounted with threaded retaining rings in a machined black anodized metal cell which swing into a protective case. The case doubles as a handle for viewing.

We caution buyers that laws of physics dictate that both the diameter and working distance of a magnifier must decline as power increases. Accordingly, the 10X system, while an excellent high-power magnifier, is relatively small and has a short working distance. The next step from the 10X Hastings is a full microscope.


  • Lens Diameter: 15mm / 19/32"
  • Field of View: 20mm / 13/16"
  • Focal Length: 25mm / 1"
  • Working Distance: 22mm / 7/8"
  • Case Dimensions: ¾" H x 1 ½" L

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