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Dry Ice Maker

Dry Ice Maker (Click image to enlarge)

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Dry Ice Maker, Mechanical Attachment, Fits Standard Carbon Dioxide Cylinder, Hold 1/2lb Chipped Ice

Dry Ice Maker is a completely mechanical attachment that fits any standard, syphon-tube-equipped, carbon dioxide cylinder (available from a welding supply company).

Makes dry ice convenient for hospitals, chemistry labs, etc. Easy to use: just clamp on collection bag (3041626) and turn CO2 valve.

With adapter nozzle, cone, collection bag clamp, washer, instructions. Bag holds 1/2 lbs. of chipped ice. Extra collection bags are available (3041626). Adult supervision.


1. Attach the Dry Ice Maker to carbon dioxide cylinder equipped with a syphon tube. (CO2 bottles are available in several sizes, but 50 pound size is more economical.) A fiber washer is provided for safe, leak-proof connection.

2. Slide collection bag onto open end of Dry Ice Maker cone and secure with clamp. Collection bag can be hand-held in position if desired provided precautions have been taken to protect hands from low temperatures.

3. Open CO2 cylinder valve 3/4 of a turn or less and collection bag is immediately filled with dry ice.

4. When bag is filled, close valve and tap Dry Ice Maker cone gently to remove any clinging ice. Ice may be hard packed while in the collection bag or left in its occurring condition. NOTE: Occasionally there is a tendency for static electricity to build up with high pressure CO2 bottles, but it is not a hazardous condition.

Please note: You MUST use a CO2 cylander equiped with a shiphon tube (efficiency over 25%).

SKU 3071533

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